Our mission is to enrich event participation.
Why Eventure?

Today, life is frenetic. And although technology has helped us navigate the digital landscape to make our lives more efficient, it has fallen short on improving the way people participate in events. Many opt for digital social interactions in lieu of face-to-face connections because it’s considered easier…until now. Eventure empowers people to move beyond their virtual nest to seamlessly create lasting memories in a real-world, local event experience.

Maximizing people’s involvement at each event, Eventure deploys rich features to successfully schedule, capture, scrapbook (store), and share one’s life (events) in a meaningful way. We call this experience, “Eventure Everywhere”. Features include:

  • Plan with Social Calendaring - Planning and scheduling events with friends is simple and fun! A beautifully designed calendar optimizes social connections, content and a proprietary invite engine to streamline the event participation experience.
  • Interact in exciting fashion - Fun new ways to intrinsically connect and share with friends through messaging, gaming, polls, surveys, content creation and sharing.
  • Extend the fun beyond the event - Extend event participation beyond the programmed agenda to include dynamic upload, scrapbooking and controlled broadcast of event content.

With Eventure, you’ll never look at local events in the same way! You will never miss the opportunity to discover what others are up to, plan a gathering, make meaningful connections and capture all of life’s memories tied to an event.

Eventure is not just an "App", it is an end-to-end platform accessible from a web browser to a native Droid or iOS app. What are you waiting for? Install it now and start your next Eventure!