When we set out to design the next social calendar, there was no real benchmark on what to create, you had apps like Sunrise, and Google’s & Apple’s Calendar apps, but there was a large gap in the market for a real social calendar, one that would allow you to not only create and manage your own events but one that would allow you to search, interact, and discover events near you.

As a designer of consumer products, I first look for inspiration from successful apps where design is simple and navigation is intuitive. I also wanted to make sure we didn’t over complicate the UX with any “Design Fads”. Since our product was being launched as a new, never before used app, I wanted to make sure the user didn’t stumble with the experience. This drove us for a simple 2 navigation design. By having a nav drawer for all of the items of our app it makes it a simple place for a user to find what they are looking for. We also created a “Tab Bar” style navigation for the items that would need to be accessed on the fly.

Our app is different from other calendars apps for a few reasons. One, we have packed our app full of rich features and a social interaction that other calendars ignore. When you add in all the features of a Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, and Twitter you could be left with confusion. To get around this we compartmentalize each main section just enough to create a flow that has a low learning curve, once you sign in you feel like your using an app that is very familiar.


Eventure’s social calendar started with a profile, I designed the profile to be simple but also serve as a home base where you can see all of your upcoming events as well as the events from your friends, family, and followers. Here you can also control your settings, manage your Images and videos, view and interact with your notifications, and discover people and events near your location.

We have all created events in our native calendar apps, when we set out designing our “Create an Events” section, we knew we need to keep it simple but also add in a very large features set so that even the most seasoned professional event planner could structure their events with ease. This would mean giving the user the ability to support an unlimited amount of guests, control the privacy of everyone, and give the event goers a place to interact amongst their small group within a lager subset. To make it simple we used our original design philosophy of compartmentalizing each section of the event creation process so that each part can be edited or updated at anytime.

In the end we have and will always continue make the design of our products one where you can easily navigate a limitless amount of photos, videos, friends, followers, notifications, and events both globally and local to you. Like all designs, ours mission will be one of continuing growth and restructuring to make the complex seem so simple.

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