Content: Private or Non-Private?

So we all have grown quite accustomed to this word “content”. It’s strange to me because content has never been so traceable to it’s source in history. There was a lot of content that was created before this age to just be enjoyed, not to show off or have glorify the creator. But things are changing, AND there is still hope for real content reflecting one’s life and thoughts that is real, and not just a cold word advertisement referred to as content…
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Everything is now google searchable- from hashtags to addresses to pictures. When does privacy come into play, and what is TRULY private?jeremiah lewin blog post

I personally don’t trust that anything is private if it’s on a computer, but that’s just because I watched CitizenFour. The unrest over what is actually private online has sparked my interest in how we think about this dilemma at Eventure. We are a small start up company, so naturally I ask questions to our developer team (who sit directly next to me in the matrix) to see what the capabilities of our privacy are.

We are making a truly private experience to either share with people or not to share with people. And it’s really private! But it’s customizable at the same time.

If I want to video my new daughter playing in the bathtub and splashing all over the place, but I only want it to be viewable by my wife and family, then I can share this to only them. No one else will be able to access this video and no one else will be able to download the video and share it without my knowledge. This gives me great peace of mind.

Content once again should be private if one wants it to be private, and shared if one wants it to be out there.

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