Flattening Design Out Of ExistÉnce

Flat design? Time To Push IT?

Material Design via Google

Let me start the conversation with some frosting-

Flat is great, I enjoy the simplicity and the repeatability of a style. Ever since Google, Apple, and Microsoft made the design popular I have been anticipating where this style will go…

I like the lasting effect that flat design has, it’s stripped of unnecessary elements and simple, therefore lasting. The roots of flat design are in Swiss design schools from the 1940’s and 1950’s. You can tell that it works because we are still talking about those Swiss geniuses and it still looks amazing.  Design that stands the test of time and still communicates the same message is rare, but beginning to become more common.


I don’t know if it is… I think that the flat design principles will always exist, but the differences in design from grungy to clean are what makes a generation’s character.

Today we are dealing with handwritten scripts, clean and modern aesthetics, bright colors, using pure colors in steps instead of the cheesy gradient. I love our style, I love the way that designers of today take the flat concepts and add texture to them, and make them all seem 3d, but in a flat way… which is so strange but interesting. Giants such as Google and Apple need to take the chances on different design principles and abstain from “copy and paste the safe” flat design principles of the 1940’s.

My challenge for the designer’s of today is to make designs that incorporate hand drawn principles, scanned materials, and real mediums into the digital tools that we have from today. Here at Eventure we try to use all styles to appeal to all of you, from the Soccer Mom to the Graffiti Artist, but we keep in mind the fine concepts of design and that’s what keeps it fun.

BEWARE the coming end of flat design, break out your sketch books and get ahead of the curve … the hand drawn revolution of design is coming …. (or here)


Thanks for listening!






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