Getting Engaged, the NBA and My Social Calendar

I happen to be one of the biggest Clipper fans EVER! Born and raised in Santa Monica, I’ve followed the Los Angeles Clippers since they came to town in 1984. And let me tell you, I hasn’t been pretty…

To give you an idea, since moving to Los Angeles, my “Clips” have only had 6 winning seasons! That’s 6 out of 33 or 18%. That’s horrid! But through it all, I’ve been a fan…through the many first round busts to the heartbreaks of the playoffs last year. Some have called it a “curse” (great article by Bill Simmons says it all). And through it all, I’ve been the perennial “#1 fan”…not your face painting, multi-colored suit wearing fan, but the type of fan that proposes to his wife in a luxury suite at the game fan.

Engaged At Staples

That was a great night!

But I would’ve loved to have an app like Eventure to put that all together…I fumbled through a number of devices and applications to make sure it all went perfectly.

Organizing and Inviting in a Controlled Environment
First of all, I wasn’t sure I was going to propose to my wife at Staples Center, I mean c’mon, is that the first place you think of when you’re trying to be romantic? Trust me, there were a number of iterations that happened prior to making the “engagement at Staples” decision. Should it be an intimate, one-on-one environment? Should I have our friends present? Should I do it at a bar or restaurant? While holding hands on the beach or hiking? As you can see, I had a number of decisions to make. I needed help! Help with recommendations on where to get this done and on the quiet without blowing the surprise or hinting that I was planning something amazing for my soon to be wife.

After consulting a number of search engines, event planning sites and productivity apps, I couldn’t figure out how to find a place, invite people privately and coordinate with everyone coming. I finally just decided to piggy back on the birthday party my wife was planning for me. Luckily for me, she had already picked Clipper Nation Central to throw my birthday party so my job was complete. I know, I know…not the most exotic place for an engagement but I had lost patience and time trying to make this happen and this was the best alternative.

Well, the food was great, everyone was surprised and my girlfriend said “yes”. Not to mention the Clippers won and the entire party was allowed to shoot baskets after the game on the court. Everyone took a lot of videos and pictures but unfortunately, my wife and I can only look back at the ones we had on our own camera rolls (see my previous post here about sharing photos). We could’ve used an app like Eventure.

Core to the Eventure platform is its social calendar. It was developed specifically to enrich the entire event life-cycle experience. From planning, living, and sharing what happens before, during, and after an event, Eventure solve the critical problem of an ever-increasing technologically complex, and process driven life, by creating a simple way to schedule, capture, store, and share the precious moments of our lives in a meaningful way. Had I had a platform like Eventure, I could have found quick recommendations for the engagement, had access to our connections, been able to invite people, manage RSVPs and then have a scrapbook of pictures tied to the engagement announcement. I’m extremely excited about launching the new version of Eventure so that we can continuing to enhance its feature set to optimize event experiences as special as getting engaged.

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