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So I am a designer at Eventure. (CHEERS!)

eventure design banner, jeremiah lewin

I feel fortunate to have the position of card editor ? designer ? maker ?
I wear many hats, but its all the same…

-Just make awesome cards.

Pretty easy concept with the correct inspo.

Where is the design inspo coming from these days?
Well if any designer is half way honest he will tell you it’s all from his own head, and he has never observed, or even heard of google images. Ok- so the reality is, and you designers out there better be honest with yourselves: that a lot of inpso comes from online resources.

But is it such a bad thing? I don’t think so… as long as it doesn’t become the one and only inspiration you receive. The internet is a wonderful tool that can be used for the powers of good and for the powers of crusting your eyes over with the same monotonous content over and over again.

So class, in respect to the internet and its many resources- good
As for the copying and pasting of ideas- bad

Firstly I have one last thing to say:
Thanks for listening and I hope these bits of information inspire you today.

Jeremiah Lewin – Designer at Eventure Interactive

Current favorite inspiration today:

"Just enjoy your life" – 3/365 • #365project #project365fdprmn_ #daily365 #type365 #typographist #calligritype

A photo posted by FIKRI DHIA PERMANA (@fdprmn_) on

Revoid hand lettering,
Check out Revoid!
cp+b, design firm
They do work!

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