Kitty Cannon-Save The Animals — Kickstarter Campaign Launch

We Are Live!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is now official! We have just launched our first Kickstarter campaign for our pilot mobile game, Kitty Cannon-Save The Animals. The team has been hard at work these past few weeks designing and building our demo. We started with some early-stage storyboarding and quickly jumped into Maya and Unity3D to build our proof-of-concept.


The storyboards below demonstrate how the menu and level organization is structured. Wild Jungle and Frozen Tundra are two of the themes we will be developing into our official release in late August.



In order to properly convey the game we’re building, to the Kickstarter community, we needed to be able to show potential backers how the game actually works. Our playable demo allowed us to capture in-game footage that we were able to then leverage into our marketing materials.

With multiple levels built, and some cut-scenes animated, our next project was to edit together an awesome game-trailer showcasing our work. For Kickstarter, though, we needed something more. It was missing that personal touch, the emotional connection. So we set our minds on creating a funny, captivating intro that would grab the viewers attention, and lift their spirits.


After some brainstorming sessions we took to the streets of Costa Mesa to film our epic intro. The creative juices were flowing as we found inspiration on the busy streets. My idiotic humor was at it’s peak, and it definitely shows in the final cut. Editing the intro and the closing scenes took some time as we tried to find a good theme that would fit well with our project. After adding a lot of special effects and fabricating some of the poor edits you expect to see in old film and video, we felt we had a winning combination.

Click here to pop on over to Kickstarter to check out our campaign!


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