Sharing is Caring With Collective Content

If you ask my friends and family, the one thing they all will say is that I LOVE to travel.  The memories you make on trips are, like the credit card ad says, “priceless.”

I wanted to share with you a quick personal story that led to me joining Eventure.

It was July 2014 and my friends and I had just made it back to the States after a 13-hour flight from Rio De Janeiro.  All of us were exhausted, eager to eat home cooked meals and looking forward to telling all of our friends about the trip we had just taken.  After all, this was a “bucket list” trip for us to go to Brazil and attend one of the biggest events on the planet, the 2014 FIFA World Cup!   BTW, I have to share with you that I have an awesome wife that kept everything moving while I was away on this once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Fan Fest 2014

So the trip was amazing!  Fantastic food, great people and a competitive atmosphere unlike any other in this soccer-crazed country.  From “Fan Fest” viewing live games on Copacabana Beach to hanging with locals during the biggest upset of World Cup history when Germany clobbered Brazil 7 to 1….whoa, I remembered feeling like someone just let all of the air out of Brazil.  People in disbelief, young kids crying, even the Germans at the beer garden where we watched the game sat in silence.  I’m not sure if that was because they couldn’t believe it themselves or if from fear of retaliation.  The memories we captured were both numerous and incredible.  We each had tons of photos, videos, pinned locations and communications on our respective mobile devices and cameras.  And as we each settled back into our routines at home, we realized that this set of autonomous devices actually held valuable fragments of our collective memories of the trip and each of us wanted access to the photos…like this one of “the crew”!

The Crew

So the arduous tasks of playing “text-tag”, voicemail screen and social media stalking began.  After a number of attempts to gather all of the content in one place and numerous trials with software platforms to share the files, we got everyone’s photos and videos together and accessible…EXCEPT for one.  Let’s call him “Brian”, mostly because that’s his name and he deserves to be named.

Brian took a lot of quality shots.  Brian was one of the few guys on the trip who was actually diligent about memorializing our experiences.  Brian is the ONLY guy who had the coolest shot of me bicycle kicking a soccer ball on the beach of Ipanema!!!  Brian, after numerous attempts by us to upload his content, completely ignored Brazil Travel Imperative Number One, “sharing is caring.”  So although many of us have great pictures, videos and memories of FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil, they are somewhat incomplete without Brian’s contribution.

You know Brian.  We all have a Brian in our lives.  He’s THAT GUY.

Brian Blurred

The timing of this agitation was actually quite fortuitous because in my quest to solve for these and other pain points, I reconnected with an old friend who had embarked on solving the same problem.  The company he founded was developing a smarter way to plan, live and share events and he was looking for someone to run his product team.  The company was called Eventure Interactive and in September of 2014, I jumped at the chance to help build a platform that enriched people’s participation in events, both small and large, public and private.

Over the last few months, we have been charging forward developing a complete solution to improve how people connect locally to share life.  Maximizing people’s engagement at each event, our platform deploys features to successfully schedule, capture, aggregate, scrapbook, and share one’s life events in a meaningful way…and of course, making it easier for the “Brians” of the world to engage.

I love the direction that we are taking.  The fun has just begun and we’re looking forward to releasing new features, cameras, and games in the coming months…so stay tuned!

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