Technology Introduction

Hi, my name is Patrick Lewis and I’m a software engineer at Eventure. I help write the server software to support mobile and web clients. It’s my job to make sure that we capture all the information around an event and make it readily available to client software.

I really enjoy what I do. To me, working on data and data relationships is interesting and challenging. I get to work on problems like:

  • How do we restrict event information to just event guests?
  • How do we make sure we can scale our software to handle large events?
  • How do we recommend relevant events to someone looking for something to do?

Me or someone on the server team will be providing updates on some of the interesting problems and solutions we run across. The posts will probably run on the technical side, but will still hopefully give some flavor as to the kinds of things we’re working on.

Image credit to Tekniska museet

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