The Inspiration-Driven Event

Events make up our lives, whether we are aware of it or not.

Every day combines useful attributes of inspiration, or thought, to later make arrangements in the future.

Our lives focus on social gathering and planning, but how do we get the message across?

Well today we use facebook to plan the event, instagram to highlight it, and text messages to direct message people. As a designer and a big fanatic of physical objects, such as paper and pencil, I hunger for a still-physical aspect of connecting with my friends, family, and the world around me.

Cards & Invitations of Eventure

And that’s where event invitations and cards come into play.

I suggest a wider use of these memories on paper. And a more intense treasuring of them as well. It’s only a matter of time before they are completely “vintage” and thus looked at as more than just paper, but as a lasting nostalgia (like polaroid film).


With a card you can convey much more than an emoji or a smily face. You can use it to leave a most personal and reminding piece of emotion, other than talking to the person directly. But with something like an event the person needs to remember to go… and have something to remind them about going.

We are in such a digital age right now , and it demands to be responded to with a heightened ability to share MEANINGFUL information, instead of content masked in advertising and vanity.

Through Eventure we suggest a more meaningful way of sharing one’s life through making every day a different event. The social calendar inside Eventure provides for the generation of said event, and the cards and invitations make for the persona.

If you want to preview our cards and invitations library the best way is to use our etsy store, EventureCards

Thank you for listening and soon we will have the print and the digital for you to send and enrich with…