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Plan it. Live it. Share it.

Get to know Eventure

Core Features

Everything you need to organize your life

Socialize Your Calendar

A new take on an old favorite. Your calendar has now become a social platform to easily create, share and manage life’s events.

Keep In Sync

Tired of not knowing what reminder is where? Let us keep you in sync with other popular calendars, such as Outlook, Google and iCal.

Get Social

Short of ideas to plan? Browse millions of local events and participate in the ones that suit your lifestyle.

Capture It

Looking to capture and stream it. No problem. Use our camera to do what other’s simply cannot.

Digitally Organize Yourself

Why have thousands of pics just floating around un-organized? Keep your collections of photos and videos in synch and organized to the events of your life.

Store Your Memories

A true cloud-based timeline of every single event that you have participated in. All set in a scrapboard format for easy sharing and madlibbing with friends.

Where You Have Been

View your events, photos, videos and just about anything you do on a world map. So go ahead and get out there.

Control Your Life

Set various privacy controls for not only the viewing and editing of events, but of the actual control of our application.

Including Brilliant Invitations

Thousands to pick from while creating your events